General Information

Checking student staff wages
Open ERS – select staff member Open findmyshift – select staff member 1. Check the hours on both systems match.  To ensure staff are ...
Tue, 4 Oct, 2016 at 2:04 PM
Providing References
You can find all you need to know about providing references on the University website 
Wed, 28 Feb, 2018 at 9:16 AM
What happens during the Remembrance Day Service on Campus?
Attached is the Order of Service. This is a student led event, coordinated by Union staff as needed. Parties involved are usually: The Music Soci...
Fri, 11 Oct, 2019 at 10:42 AM
Bystander Intervention Introduction
What is ‘bystander intervention’? To put it formally, bystander intervention is prosocial behaviour used to intervene in negative situations. What that lo...
Wed, 28 Feb, 2018 at 9:24 AM
Advice Refresher
The Students' Union Advice Refresher Top issues Academic cases – appeals, plagiarism and cheating, mitigating circumstances, etc. Complaints – a...
Wed, 28 Feb, 2018 at 9:33 AM
Students' union styleguide
This styleguide has been created to ensure consistency in written and verbal communications from the union, and will be kept up to date as required. If ...
Wed, 13 Nov, 2019 at 2:09 PM
Accessing Union Cloud (Re-affiliation) How-To
Table of Contents Logging in to Union Cloud Student Portal (LANCASTER UNIVERSITY STUDENTS' SIGN IN HERE) Union Cloud Data Protection Test Union Cl...
Thu, 2 Jul, 2020 at 10:28 AM
Hot water vat safety email template
To whom it may concern, I'm writing to remind anyone who uses the Student's Union common area for activities to be extremely careful when usin...
Mon, 5 Nov, 2018 at 10:26 AM