To whom it may concern,

I'm writing to remind anyone who uses the Student's Union common area for activities to be extremely careful when using the hot water vat at the tea and coffee station. If you do have permission to use it, please ensure that it is sufficicently filled (i.e. just up to the the 'MAX' line at the top) and that when you are finished you switch it off both on the switch and at the plug. This is to prevent it from boiling down and becoming a significant fire hazard wherein it becomes too hot and very easily combustible. 

We were made aware that it was left on XX when a member of staff came in XX to find it empty, still switched on and making loud noises indicating it was on the verge of becoming overheated. Not only does this damage the machine but it could have led to extended damage in the immediate area and further into the Offices if it had been left much longer. We do not want to have to find those responsible/liable for these sort of issues and take further action, so please make sure you are operating the machinery properly both during and after use in the first place.

Best wishes,