This styleguide has been created to ensure consistency in written and verbal communications from the union, and will be kept up to date as required.

If you have any questions (or any style points not mentioned here that need to be clarified) contact Bob.

Union identity

We are Lancaster University Students’ Union or ‘the students’ union’ or ‘the union’ in all communications.

The acronym ‘LUSU’ has been phased out and should not be used verbally or in new communications/marketing materials.

Titles and capitalisation

Full titles should be capitalised, but part titles should not be:

  • Lancaster University Students’ Union; the students’ union, the union
  • Lancaster University; the university

Job and role titles should be capitalised:

  • Vice-President (Activities)
  • Graphic Designer


It's sometimes unavoidable (or unnecessary depending on context), but try to avoid use of acronyms when they have the potential to confuse our audience - especially those who are not strongly engaged with the union.

For example:

  • Say and write 'President', 'Vice-President' or 'the Full-Time Officers' instead of 'FTOs'
  • Say and write Part-Time Officers rather than 'PTOs'
  • Say and write 'college officers' rather than 'JCRs'

Time & date format

Times and dates should be used in the following format:

  • Tuesday December 19
  • We use the 12-hour time format: 9.30am, 3pm (only include the minutes when necessary - there's no need to say 9.00am)
  • There’s no need to say ‘12 noon’ – ‘noon’ and ‘midnight’ is enough.
  • Week 6 (note the capitalisation)


Numbers one to nine should be written as words. Number 10 onwards should be written as numerals.

The exceptions to this are when used in times and dates and term week numbers.

Bullet points

  • There's no need to use a full stop at the end of a bullet point

Specific spellings and written styles

  • By-election (not bye-election)