Groups in Tier 2 and Tier 3 are required to have a member of the Exec team with a first aid qualification in order to run training sessions. First aid training for these societies used to be provided by the Students’ Union, however, due to COVID restrictions, these will not be continuing this year. To help support your society in completing the required first aid training we have put together some guidance with information about first aid providers and how to cover the costs. 


First aid training providers:

  • Lakes first aid
  • Offer specific courses for sports and outdoors.
  • Attend a group session which is held at the centre in Ullswater or organize a group course for up to 12 people .
  • St Johns Ambulance
  •  Affinity Training
    1. Has a centre in Lancaster.
    2. Offer first aid at work course would be suitable.


Covering the costs of session:

  • You can apply for funding form the Students’ Union to cover the cost of these session by completing this application form.
  • You may wish to collaborate with another society and hold a joint training session if you only have a couple of exec members who require first aid training.