Most students cannot claim state benefits while studying, even during vacations. There are exceptions for students with children, some disabled students, and part-time students. The benefits that these students may qualify for are listed below with a brief note on the eligibility criteria.


· Lone parent (child under 5), including a lone foster parent of a child under 16

· Disabled student qualifying for the disability premium or severe disability premium

· One of a couple who are both full time students and you fit into one of the groups of people who can claim IS

· Either one, or both of you, are responsible for a child or young person and it’s the summer vacation


· Only if you are available for and actively seeking full-time work (40 hours per week)

· A couple who are both full time students with a dependent child (only during the summer vacation)

· Registered part-time students

· A couple where only one partner is a full-time student (the non-student must claim)


If you want or are required to take a ‘year out’ you should note that you will probably not be entitled to any form of loan or grant, or public welfare benefit even if you are unemployed or ill and unable to work. If you fall ill and remain ill for 28 weeks or more you may be entitled to claim Income Support for the period of your illness, but you will lose your entitlement once you become fit for work again.


· Part-time students

· Certain students with disabilities

· Students aged 60 or over

· Students who are eligible for IS or income-based JSA

· Lone parents/lone foster parent

· Student with a partner who is also a full time student, and who have dependent children

· You have been incapable of work for 28 weeks.


Whether or not you are entitled to any of the above benefits, you may qualify for help with or exemption from NHS charges (prescriptions and dental/optical treatment). Details of eligibility and obtaining the form can be found on the NHS Website.