All groups need to ensure that adequate measures have been taken to manage risk. We’ve done most of the work for you, and low risk groups (tier one) can follow our Code of Practice. However, if you are planning to hold an event that is outside your normal activities, you will need to complete a risk assessment for this activity. 

If your group is a medium or high risk society, you will need to produce a risk assessment. Every medium and high risk group has a risk assessment and code of practice for their main activities and they can be found here. All other events and activities for these groups are risk assessed separately by the exec. All the activities of low risk groups are risk assessed by the exec.

If you are doing an activity which has a risk assessment and code of practice below then you can use those documents to make writing your own risk assessment easier; you will still need your own risk assessment that covers the specifics such as the location, but the general information will already be completed. 

If you have any questions about safety in Students' Union Activities or would like to discuss how to make your activities safer then please contact