One of the first tasks to complete as new Society Exec members is a handover with the outgoing Exec members. This is crucial to ensure you have a good understanding of how the society operates and you know how to access everything that you will need. We ask you to complete this as part of the re-affiliation process. 

We suggest that you organise a meeting with both the incoming and outgoing Exec to discuss aspects relating to running the society. It is also suggested that you create a handover document that contains all the useful information. 

A handover should include: 

  • Description of your Exec roles and society activities
  • List of useful contacts
  • Shared files, incl. committee minutes, logos, project plans
  • Passwords (emails/social media/online accounts)
  • Inventory of any equipment, kit, etc. you have and where it is stored
  • Society projects – completed, ongoing, plans/ideas
  • External paperwork you may have, incl. sponsorships
  • Top tips for overcoming challenges throughout the year
  • Transfer of the bank account signatories 

Below is a useful guide/template that we ask you to complete as part of the re-affiliation process.