In order to work with the Student’s Union as a partnered volunteering provider, your organisation must undergo a process of auditing. This ensures that we support the highest quality volunteering opportunities for our students, and we have mutually beneficial relationships with our partners. We ask that you carefully consider whether or not you can support this process before registering. 


All organisations must have a brief phone interview, and then meet with student staff before approval as a volunteering partner. This is to build close relationships between organisations and student volunteers, and to improve our understanding of the organisations we work with.  


Once your organisation has been approved as a partner, the SU will post an opportunity for you, and all opportunity listings and applications are managed by the SU. This is to ensure that there is consistency across all of the organisations we partner with. The process of hosting a volunteering opportunity with the SU is a termly cycle. The SU hosts between 6-8 volunteering opportunities every term. Successful applicants are forwarded to each organisation from the SU. 


Opportunities do not run during holiday times, and will always close at the end of each term. This is to ensure that we are able to check in and evaluate any volunteering activities, and to prepare for the next term. Opportunities may be reposted for the following term subject to approval. All organisations will be required to complete an online feedback survey on completion of the volunteering period before they can post a new opportunity.   


For more information about this process, please contact the Communities team at