Q. What is the Sport Lancaster Access Fund?

The Sport Lancaster Access Fund is administered collaboratively by the Students’ Union and the Sports Centre to help students in financial difficulty to be able to represent the University in a Sport Lancaster Plus Team. Ordinarily the support provided will be for the cost of the Sport Lancaster Plus Membership prior to purchase, refunds will not be given. However, we recognise some students may face other financial barriers to participation and these will also be considered.

Q. Can anyone apply for an award from the Sport Lancaster Access Fund, and how do you apply?

No. Money for the Sport Lancaster Access Fund is generated from Sport Lancaster Plus, therefore only applications from members of Sport Lancaster Plus Clubs will be considered.

To apply please fill in this application:


Please note that there is a finite amount of money to distribute each year. If funds are exhausted it may mean that we have to stop taking applications. If this is the case we will make it clear on our website as soon as possible. Any award made from the fund is given as a grant and is not repayable.

Q. What criteria do I need to meet for the Sport Lancaster Access Fund?

To be eligible for this fund you must:


Have a protected characteristic under the equalities act which has resulted in you suffering additional costs to participate in a Sports Lancaster Team. Please note that this is not intended to replace the University/Students’ Union duty to make reasonable adjustments that can be requested at any time.

  • Fill out an application which includes providing a short statement explaining why you are facing financial hardship as a result of participating in a Sport Lancaster Plus Team. Statements should be no longer than 250 words. The application can be found here:


Please note that having met the above criteria, it may be necessary to prioritise limited resources. If this is the case priority will be given to the following groups of students when deciding how to allocate the funding:

  • Students with caring responsibilities
  • Students from low income families
  • Students with a protected characteristic (please speak to a University adviser before completing an application as other support may be more appropriate)
  • Students who have entered higher education from care
  • Students without sponsorship or other funding
  • Students entitled to claim social security benefits

Q. I have already purchased my Sport Lancaster Plus Membership, can I apply to the Sport Lancaster Access Fund for a refund?

No. The fund has been created to prevent finances being a barrier to participation for Sport Lancaster Plus Clubs, awards cannot be made retrospectively.

Q. Can I apply to the Sport Lancaster Access Fund for funding towards the cost of any other Sport Lancaster Membership, other than Bronze?

No. It is only a requirement to buy a Bronze Sport Lancaster Membership in order to compete in a Sport Lancaster Plus Club, Silver, Gold or Platinum are optional upgrades and therefore applications for these will not be considered.

For the same reason, if you receive an award from the fund for a Bronze Sport Lancaster Membership, you cannot upgrade this to Silver, Gold or Platinum.

Q. How will I receive the funding if I am successful?

If your application is regarding the Sport Lancaster Plus Membership you will receive an email to confirm this and any grant awarded will be arranged directly with the sports centre, in line with the 2 instalment dates. For the second instalment this will only be administered once it is confirmed that you are still participating in a Sport Lancaster Plus Club i.e. attending training and competing when selected (within reason).

If you receive an award from the fund towards costs associated with a protected characteristic we will make the necessary arrangements directly with you.

Payments from this fund may affect your benefit payments. If this does happen please contact us as we may be able to provide a letter to assist you.

Q. How do I make a complaint?

Should applicants wish to make a complaint about the Sport Lancaster Access Fund they should follow the guidelines as set out here

Q. What is the Privacy policy regarding the Sport Lancaster Access Fund?

In applying for this fund applicants consent for the Students’ Union to confirm details submitted within it with records held by the University and membership data for the respective Sport Lancaster Plus Club.

Students’ Union and the University will keep all information relating to applications confidential and restricted to the persons involved in facilitating the decision making process. We may cross check applications made with other records held by the University and/or the Students’ Union.