With even more pressure on campus space, sadly there is no longer any guarantee that there will be space available for your activity to take place on campus.

You'll need to therefore budget the cost of hiring space off campus into your costs and ticket prices, and also allow plenty of time to research, negotiate and book the space.

There may also be restrictions to how the space can be used, and other costs such as equipment hire, cleaning and catering charges.

Make sure you discuss this with the venue.

We're really fortunate that there are plenty of great alternative venues around Lancaster and Morecambe though.

Here are a few links to get you started on your search:


Your group could hire this space on a Saturday evening, or prior to opening on a normal club night. However there will be charges to hire this space, no matter when the event takes place.

Come in to the Union to speak to the Student Development Manager about hiring this space.

Forrest Hills (just behind campus)

"Forrest Hills is an award winning scenic venue which can be used for meetings, conferences, corporate events, management training, weddings and much more."


Lancaster City Council owned space (including the Town Hall and Ashton Memorial)


Lancaster Castle


Lancaster Brewery


Lancaster Royal Grammar School


Lancaster Steiner School


Our Ladies High School (near Sainsbury's)


Lancaster and Morecambe College


Please note:

The Students' Union has no responsibility for external society bookings. Affiliated student societies are responsible for meeting all contractual agreements including costs incurred.