Table of Contents

  1. Logging in to Union Cloud
  3. Union Cloud Data Protection Test
    1. Union Cloud Data Protection Test Screenshot Example
  4. Access Administrative Features
  5. Membership Type
  6. Committee (Society Exec)
  7. General Editing
  8. Union Cloud Example Screenshots for the 2020 Re-affiliation 
    1. Union Cloud Profile Screenshot
    2. Union Cloud Membership Screenshot
    3. Union Cloud Committee Screenshot
  9. Union Cloud Drop In Sessions

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Logging in to Union Cloud

Your login details are the same as the username and password you would typically use to login to the Student Portal, or to one of the machines on Lancaster University campus. 

In order to login, go to the following link:

Please then ensure that you click the big purple button, with the text "LANCASTER UNIVERSITY STUDENTS' SIGN IN HERE", which will then take you to the Student Portal. 

If you have any issues attempting to login, please e-mail us at 


Union Cloud Data Protection Test

  • 26 Questions (Similar to test on Moodle)
  • 80% upwards
  • The test can be found under Step 2
  • Send e-mail to  sending a screenshot of your result (along with the society that you want to be administrator of, also send basic details such as your first and last name)
  • Union Cloud Team will make you administrator of whatever society it is

Union Cloud Data Protection Test Screenshot Example

Access administrative features

  • On the website, hover over your name (when you are logged in) and go to Your Dashboard (or use the link above)
  • Click on Edit which is symbolised by a settings/cog button (inside the configure group box) and this will take you to the group configuration page

Membership Types

  • Inside the dashboard under configure group, you can also update membership types by pressing the second button from the left, which is symbolised by a blue ID type of card (this page is also accessible underneath the Edit mode described above)
  • Once inside the membership types page -  it’s often best to use already created memberships instead of creating new ones (don’t worry if you need to create a new membership, that is also okay – especially for new societies)
  • To edit an already existing membership you press the settings/cog button on the far right of the membership and then press the pencil icon, which symbolises “edit”
  • Anything with a red asterisk (*) is required before you can submit any edits/new memberships
  • Fee is always set to 0, Price is the cost of the membership e.g. an expression of interest could be 0/free (i.e. if you’re a sports team doing taster sessions for freshers week), whereas a year’s membership could cost (for example) £5
  • Membership length is always a minimum of 1 year (although you can set a membership to expire earlier than 1 year by setting the group membership expiry date)
  • Availability should be set to “Both” as this allows your membership types to appear on both the union website and iLancaster as well as other services that we provide
  • "Stop New Sales" doesn’t delete the membership if it’s already been purchased, but will stop any potential new members from buying that particular membership option

*** If you’re running taster sessions, it’s probably best to set up / edit an existing membership that people can sign up to during Freshers, and have it expire within a week (e.g. 11/10/2019), which will allow people to join your society after signing up for a taster session

Committee (Society Exec)

  • You can access committee/exec from the Tabs that are shown under the Edit Group option that was discussed earlier, with the same process as before being done. Click the cog on the far right of the position you want to change, and press replace committee member which will then allow you to replace old exec / empty positions with the exec of the society. You should also ensure that the post expires sometime during the academic year, such as when you have elections or when you are replaced by a newly elected exec
  • You can add new positions using “Manage Posts”, either by pressing “Add Post”, or by editing already made posts.
  • If you have any issues during part just send an e-mail to or send in a ticket under the Union Cloud option

General Editing

  • Use the Tab “Setup” and then the tab underneath that says “Summary” or “Edit” in order to edit things such as your group description, group categories.
  • At the bottom of this page you will also see “Show Advanced Options” which will allow you to edit things such as Group Tags (which is used by Union Cloud in order to determine what searches your society should show up in)
  • You can also set up things such as only allowing union members that are over 18 to join the society (e.g. if your society is based around activities that require the members to be 18 or over)
  • Other options such as requiring a next of kin can be selected which then asks the member to fill out emergency contact details in cases where an accident happens (for example)

Union Cloud Example Screenshots for the Re-affiliation Phase

Example screenshots for Union Cloud when re-affiliating via Moodle

Union Cloud Profile Screenshot

Union Cloud Membership Screenshot

Union Cloud Committee Screenshot

Drop In Sessions