If you wish to replace somebody in the current committee you can:

  1. Go to Committee
  2. Current Committee
  3. Hover over the Cog
  4. Select "Replace Committee Member"
  5. Add all the relevant data and ignore the expiry date

If you wish to add a new post then:

  1. Go to Manage Posts from Committee
  2. Select Add Post to add a new post
  3. change the expiry date to when the post position should expiry
  4. And fill in all the relevant information

To make is simpler, whenever you need to update it in the future you could set up all positions to expire at the end of the next academic year and simply replace committee members under the current committee.

If you need any more help please just get in touch with us at unioncloudhelp@lancastersu.co.uk or pop into LUSU and ask for a member of the unioncloud team and we will be happy to assist.