Here are the criteria that the Schools Team are using to allocate funding to student clubs and societies for schools outreach activity:


1. Are the proposed activities in line with and supportive of the students’ union’s charitable objectives and strategic vision of “inspiring and supporting students to love Lancaster?”

2. Are the outreach ideas well thought out, age appropriate and demonstrate an awareness of the National Curriculum or school need?

3. Are the activities ethical and all inclusive? students' union funded activity must, as much as possible, have a positive impact on the environment and reach the widest number of pupils in the local community

4. Is there evidence of good financial management and research relating to any additional expenditure i.e. has the society submitted the associated costs of any equipment required to make the activity suitable for young people?

5. Is there a firm commitment to delivering the outreach activity i.e. can the student club or society provide a minimum of 6 students to shape / facilitate the activity, attend Safeguarding and Child Protection Training and complete a Risk Assessment Briefing prior to the event?

6. Is there a clear interest in working with young people and tangible reason for participation i.e. how would involvement benefit the club or society and its members?

7. Is the club or society currently in receipt of students' union funding or part of the Focus Sport initiative? The panel may prioritise clubs or societies that are not currently in receipt of additional funding from elsewhere within the Students’ Union. 

Consideration will also be given to clubs or societies that have not participated in a ‘Get Active’ Sports Festival or ‘Give it a Go’ Societies Fair in the last 12 months.

The above has been approved by the Student Engagement Group. Applications will be scored using these criteria by the Schools Team and Activities FTO.