Accidents & Near misses


All accidents and near misses have to be reported to the students' union as soon as possible.

This needs to happen within hours not days.  Once the casualty is safe, you should report it at our quick and easy form at

Failure to do so can lead to your group being suspended .


Emergency Procedures

Contact the emergency services, if needed , please do this through Security if you're on campus to request an ambulance.

In the event of an emergency, LU Security should be contacted on 01524 594541.

You need to state:

  • Your activity is related to the students' union
  • You believe it to be a serious incident and that you think the students' union need to be informed
  • The basic details and scope of incident
  • Your contact details


What to report

  • Students hospitalized
  • Missing student
  • Incidents involving the police
  • Arrest of a student
  • Violent attack
  • Incident likely to cause reputational damage to the University

If in doubt, incidents should be reported.

There is more information available at