You are given an allowance for campaigning depending on what you are running for. This is the amount of money you are allowed to spend up to on campaigning. JCR positions will be allowed £10, FTOs £30.

Money can only be spent on things that everyone else also has access too. For example, if your have a friend that has a plane, you would not be able to use the plane in your campaign because not everyone else will be able to use one.

You do not need to budget for pens, cardboard or fixatives such as tape. 

In each campaign you are aloud to use 1 non-budgeted bed sheet and 2 T-shirts. If you want to use any more you will have to budget for them. 

If you are using your own printer, you must use the cost of printing in the library in your budget. 

Costs for the new print service (per sheet / side) are:


  • Duplex A4 mono (black & white): 4p.
  • Duplex A4 colour: 11p.
  • Duplex A3 mono: 11p.
  • Duplex A3 colour: 16p.
  • Simplex (single sided) A4 mono: 5p.
  • Simplex A4 colour: 13p.
  • Simplex A3 mono: 13p.
  • Simplex A3 colour: 19p.

Here is am example of what a budget should look like: 

Joe Bloggs – Social Secretary




Posters (A4 Colour)



Posters (A4 Black & White)



Cardboard box



Acrylic paint