Induction is the beginning of your development within the union. It involves giving you information about the union and university, and their culture and values. the student's union’s formal induction programme will be completed over the period of probation, together with your attendance at an induction seminar organised by the university. The induction programme will take different forms including reading, discussions with colleagues and observation.

During your first three months of employment you are required to complete the university’s online Diversity in the Workplace training and Information Security training and assessment. You should also be invited to a Welcome to Lancaster training session.

Please note that it is the joint responsibility of you and your line manager to ensure that your induction is completed within the specified time of starting work. If you have been here for some time and still feel you need information contained in the programme to be explained to you, please see your line manager.

As a new starter you may also find the university’s HR website helpful