Reports allowing the reps to reflect on the work they have undertaken each term, providing useful information about what is happening at department level within each Faculty.  Allowing best practice as well as common problems to be identified and dealt with more appropriately.

Some questions to ask yourself when writing your report include:

What department do you represent? 

What type of meetings do you have in your department for reps? 

Do reps attend a meeting specifically to look at student feedback or can they also attend other department meetings as a student voice? 

How often do you have the opportunity to meet with department staff? 

What types of issues are discussed at department meetings with reps? i.e. problems, new ideas, questions, curriculum design. 

Can you give examples of the issues that have been discussed? 

How do the department let you know about what will be done with your feedback? 

Have you been given information about what actions have come from previous rep feedback? 

Do you have a key contact in the department who meets with or can be contacted by reps? 

Do the department offer any support for reps to contact students?

Where possible please try to give examples of the type of issues discussed and what has been done about them: e.g. about lecturers/teaching staff, resources, specific modules, assessment and feedback, technology etc.

These reports will be used to form a mapping exercise of the different practices across campus as well as the type of issues that students are being raised. It will allow us to identify common problems that we could help to resolve or identify good practices that could be shared.