Engage and communicate with:
  • Students they represent
  • Department staff
  • Other Elected Student Reps
  • Students’ Union

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Register officially as a rep here.
  • Complete basic training to understand the role.
  • Promote their role effectively to students they represent.
  • Seek out the views of students on matters affecting their educational experiences
  • Attend Departmental Staff-Student Committees and other meetings as appropriate.
  • Feedback and discuss info and outcome from meeting with fellow students.
  • Liaise with other Reps to gain support and share thoughts and ideas
  • Attend Students’ Union Faculty Forums and bring unresolved or higher level issues to these meetings.
  • To complete an ‘exit survey’ at the end of the year to help make improvements in future.

What they don’t do:

  • It is not reps responsibility to deal with individual and personal issues. Students should be directed to their academic tutors, LUSU Advice & Support or University Student Support Services.
  • Help students with their academic work.