As a rule it is left to the discretion of the line manager to agree holidays ensuring that adequate cover in each department is maintained and agreed on a fair basis.

It essential that due notice is given for annual leave in order to avoid disappointment. Please note that, as far as possible, holidays should be taken outside term-time. Any holidays within term-time should have the agreement of both your line manager and the Chief Executive. Annual leave is booked using the Lancaster University Students' Union Personnel database. You will need a password to enter the system. This password should be obtained from Paul Everill, the students' union Information Systems Support Co-ordinator.

If you are term-time/part-time staff  you will be paid in lieu for holidays. If you are unsure of how holidays are calculated you should speak to your line manager or the Departmental Administrator.

Please note that it is important for annual leave to be taken within the relevant holiday year, as it cannot be carried forward.