Limited overtime working may be required to perform essential duties, although it is not guaranteed and must be authorised by the Chief Executive in advance. It is normal practice for time off in lieu, at single time, to be granted during your normal working week. Where time off in lieu is not feasible, overtime payments can be made, at the rates currently in force, or at standard time up to 36.5 per week and thereafter at the rate of time and a half on a weekday or Saturday or specified free day and double time on a Sunday or specified rest day.

Time off in lieu [as hours owed] should be taken by mutually agreed arrangement and be cleared by the last Friday of the following September. Failure to take hours owed by the time stipulated will result in them being lost. Time off in lieu will only be carried forward in rare circumstances.

The appropriate form [obtained from the Departmental Administrator] should be completed prior to overtime being worked and hours owed being taken. The form must be signed off by your line manager and the Chief Executive.