Where can I access a doctor?

The Health Centre on campus offers GP appointments for all students and staff registered with the campus doctors. Patients will only be seen once they have made an appointment and are open every weekday from 08.30am to 18.00pm. The Health Centre is located on the perimeter road opposite the Lancaster Environment Centre.

For more information contact them: 01524 594130 or 01524 387780 or see the Health Centre website.


Where can I access a dentist? 

There is a dental practice on campus which offers private treatment on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. This is also based down at Bailrigg House; to make an appointment call 01524 594595

Access to NHS dentists is notoriously difficult. We suggest that if you are coming to Lancaster and you have a dentist at home, you stay with this dentist. The best way to contact an NHS dentist is to ring up the dental hotline for this area and then your details will be passed onto a dentist. Contact them on: 01253 306378.

I would like some information about alcohol and drugs, where can I find this? 

In the first instance if you have concerns we would advise that you speak to your GP or practice nurse or you may benefit from speaking to a member of the University Student Wellbeing Services who will be able to signpost you to a local support service.

Alternatively you may wish to self-refer to one of the following services:

For more services and general information:

Where can I access sexual health services locally? 

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are passed from one person to another through unprotected sex or genital contact. 


You can be tested for STIs at a sexual health clinic, genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinic or GP surgery. Search for a sexual health clinic near you and find out what services they offer.

The University Medical Centre offers a free and confidential sexual health service every Monday (term time) 4-6.30 pm.  Call 01524 541653 to make an appointment or leave a message and they will get back to you.  The clinic is totally confidential, nothing is recorded on your records and results are numbered instead of named. You do not need to be registered with the health centre to use the Clinic. The service offers: 

  • Sexually transmitted infection screening
  • Peace of mind checks
  • HIV testing
  • Free treatment with no prescription costs

You can also call that number to arrange for sexual health appointments in town. 

Alternatively you can contact your GP or any Brook Advisory Service (sexual health advisory service).

How am I able to access mental health support? 

If you are suffering any mental health issues or you are just in need of somebody to talk to then the University has its own Counselling and Mental Health Service. They are there to support any students who feel they need some extra help through counselling or need support managing a mental health condition. They will also give advice and support to friends and colleagues.
The service uses an appointments system and you can self-refer via an online form on the website.