What is the Purple card? 

The Purple card gets you exclusive discounts and deals in and around Lancaster, from local shops to national brands. It also gets you discounts off at Sugarhouse, the students' union's night club. See the Purple website for more information and offers! 

How do I find out my Students' Union number?

Students' Union numbers can be found at the top of your weekly email from the SU, on the back of your Purple Card or by emailing your date of birth and full name to the Welcome Desk.

What happens if I can’t login into my Purple account or didn’t receive a reset password email?

Simply message the Welcome Desk: they can reset your password.  

How do I get a Purple, NUS or Clubs & Societies card?

Purple, NUS and Clubs and Societies cards can only be purchased online. You will need your Students' Union number and password to log in. If you experience any problems when registering, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Where do I collect my Purple, NUS or Clubs & societies card?

Once ordered, cards will be kept at the Welcome Desk - just pop in and tell us your name to collect it. You can find the LUSU Welcome Desk in Bowland Main, on the West side of the learning zone and Bowland Bar.

Can I have my cards delivered to my home address?

Yes! If you do select home delivery, please email us to confirm you would like it to be posted to your address.